Record-Selling Books

Art by Christophe Gowan,
There are some super-creative people out there, and I'm trying not to be jealous.
File this under "Why didn't I think of that": Brit-based Christophe Gowan is an amazing art director and designer who wondered what some of the best-known albums would look like if they were redesigned as books. You can see all of the fabulous results here.
I do have some favorites. Bob Dylan's "Blood on the Tracks" was crying out to be re-thought as a pulp fiction novel. The super-genius touch was to use Dylan's real name as the author name.
Prince's "Purple Rain" is reimagined as an L. Ron Hubbard-esque story, George Michael's "Faith" is just a tawdry memoir, and Jimi Hendrix gets a business guide upgrade for "Are You Experienced?" Boggles the mind, right?
But the Beach Boys "Pet Sounds" as Japanese manga? Well, let's just say I almost spit my coffee out.

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