Book Return

It's bad enough when someone borrows your book and has written in the margins or turned down the pages. But have you ever had someone return a book to you with food stains or smelling like an ashtray? Yeah, I've had that happen. I also had someone give back a borrowed book after they dropped it in the bathtub.
But the most horrific book return I've heard of is the story I just saw in Kalamazoo, MI. The library there had to shut down after someone returned books with bedbugs in the bindings. As one of my friends says, that's a hot mess. Click here for the inside story.
I treat books with a lot – okay some may say too much – respect. And if I damage one of your books, you can be assured that I'm going to buy you a new one before I'll hand a gross one back to you.
Most importantly, let's remember that those library books are supposed to belong to all of us, and there is a reason they have a plastic covering.
So to the person in my hometown who seems to like all of the same books I like, please stop marking them up with yellow highlighter. You're giving me a headache.

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