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I am asked about my name (Cheminne) all the time. I was named for a character in a book. My mother was reading a novel about El Cid by Dorothy Heiderstadt that included a reference to El Cid's wife, Ximena (trust me, the pronunciation is close to the same, despite the spelling). I like to think that started my obsession with books.
My favorite quote says it all: "So many books, so little time." Well, that quote and one of my own: "Life is too short to read bad books." I won't waste my time on Read.Eat.Think. with reviews of books I don't like. What's the point?
For more about how I got my start with this blog, go to the Nourishing Reads post.

Info for authors, publishers, publicists
I do accept books, galleys, and PDFs for review. However, my acceptance of any book materials is not a guarantee that I will be able to read and review your book. I also can’t guarantee that you will receive a completely positive review. Since my motto is that “life is too short to read bad books,” there’s a good chance that if your book is reviewed, it’s because I generally like it.
Please note that I read most any genre, including children’s books and young adult books. My favorite genres are fiction, history, biography, mystery, historical fiction, and non-fiction. But I usually do not read or review romance novels, religious titles, self-improvement, or business titles. I want to read for my own pleasure, too, and those don’t fit my idea of a good time.
I am also interested in interviewing authors, book publishers, editors, professional chefs, and others involved in the business of reading or cooking.
I do not accept payment for reviews, and all comments/content are my own.
For my physical mail address, email me (see below).

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I'm always looking for book recommendations, so feel free to send me any ideas. I'd love to hear about your favorite independent book stores, as well. They need our support!
Email me at readeatthink (at) gmail (dot) com.
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