Nourishing Reads

Many years ago, my friend Julie and I started a newsletter called Nourishing Reads a pre-blog blog. It combined our two favorite things books and food. The basic premise was that we would provide book reviews paired with recipes inspired by the book that was being reviewed.
The newsletter was an instant hit and, most importantly, was a lot of fun for both of us. We soon had readers all over the country who wanted the newsletter mailed to them. Yes, mailed. It was that long ago.
Recently I decided that a blog would be the perfect place to revive the concept of Nourishing Reads. That's the genesis for this blog. Julie will be in an advisory capacity for now but I will continue to pester her to be involved sooner or later. I'll wear her down.
Meanwhile, I've set up a general schedule that hits the highlights of what our readers really liked about NR:

  • Mondays I'll serve up short bites of books with quick recommendations
  • Tuesdays The business of words will be on tap, including items about newspapers, magazines, and blogs.
  • Wednesdays A mid-week special that will focus only on cookbooks.
  • Thursdays Thoughts (and maybe a couple of rants) about reading and books.
  • Fridays The blue-plate special day with a full book review and a recipe inspired by the book.
I probably won't read a lot of romance novels or sci-fi, so if that's your genre, this won't be for you.
I may throw in a couple of interviews and inspirations, but that's the general gist of the blog. I hope you enjoy it feel free to let me know what you think. And pass the link to the blog along to anyone else who might like it. That's how Nourishing Reads grew so rapidly, by appealing to like-minded people. To me, that's the best thing about blogs and social media, too.

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