An Olympic Mistake, or Two

So I bet the headline made you think I'd go after some of the gaffes made by politicians or organizers at this week's London Olympics. Oh, and there have been plenty from which to choose.
But no.
I'm awarding a medal to NBC for its amazing (gaffe-filled) coverage of the sporting event.
First, the network decided not to air the opening ceremony's moment to honor the victims of the 7/7 bombings, which is England's 9/11.
Then, there have been the fabulous "color comments" by on-air hosts like Matt Lauer, who could only pull out an animated movie reference to talk about Madagascar.
That all you got?
Or how about when the channel showed a preview of Missy Franklin winning a gold medal...before it showed the coverage of the actual race.
But I'm going to give a gold medal to the online NBC team, who had a little issue with geography. Who knew that Australia is in Europe, right next to Germany? I also did not know that the Alps are located in Australia. Cause when I think of Alpine skiing, I immediately think Australia. G'day for snow, mate.
A little reading and fact checking (and removing two tiny letters) just might have solved this issue and put Austria back where it belongs. Where is an editor when you need one?
I should be careful talking about this, though. One critic had his Twitter account suspended after he posted a few choice words against NBC's coverage.
Sorry, NBC. Let's call it a day and just return to watching the live almost-live coverage. Back to you, Matt.

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  1. Oh, how about when they commented on how interesting Mongolia's uniforms were during the Parade of Nations before completely skipping the Mongolian athletes?
    The Austria/Australia bit reminds me of "Dumb and Dumber." Check it out: