Bloody Good Cooking

I'm a fan of True Blood (although this season hasn't quite hit its stride for me yet), so a not-yet-released cookbook caught my eye on publishing lists. The title captures the same wink-and-a-nod humor of the series. It's True Blood: Eats, Drinks, and Bites from Bon Temps. For those of you not in the know, it's a vampire show.
Written by two of the producers, Gianna Sobol and Alan Ball, the cookbook takes a peek into the HBO series' most popular restaurants. For mere mortals, that would be Merlotte's, where you can get "Drinks to Die For" like Gran's Lemonade, or a Dead or Alive. 
For vittles, to use the Bon Temps Southern drawl, you could order some Up-in-Arms Biscuits and Gravy, or Crawfish Dip.
I'm surprised there are any recipes from Fangtasia, the vampire hangout on True Blood. Every time I see the bar, there are just lots of bottles of that all important red stuff that keeps vampires going. But perhaps the food is on offer for the "vamp tramps" that like to hang out with vampires. On the menu are things like Been There Done That, or I Wanna Snapper in Two. Yikes.
Definitely a buy for major fans, the cookbook will be released on Aug. 29. 

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