My Old Man and the Sea

My husband and I disagree on one fundamental thing in our marriage, and that's fish. He loves to catch them, talk about them, eat them, etc. His best day would be spent near some form of water with a fishing pole.
I, on the other hand, love to go with him only if I can take a book and look the other way if he catches anything.
Don't worry, this is all fine with him. Mainly because when he does catch anything, I tend to look at him reproachfully and worry about how much he has hurt the little fish mouth. We've had long discussions about what the fish is thinking or feeling at any given moment. Poor guy (and I'm not talking about my husband).
I know that fish is good for me as a protein source, and I will eat it. But ironically, I don't like the "fishy" taste, so it has to be prepared correctly. And it better not come to the table with a head on it (those eyes staring at me will have me eating cereal in no time flat).
Rick Moonen has written a cookbook that works for both me and my husband. The first chapter of Fish Without a Doubt is for my husband since it covers cleaning, filleting, shucking, and "dispatching" – all things that I don't even want to know about. Ugh.
So let's move on to the book's fabulous sauces and preparations, and the celebrity chef serves up some very tasty ideas. I particularly like Thai Style Catfish Burgers, Butter Basted Salmon with Tea, and Cajun Shrimp on the Grill.
It's good to compromise, right?

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