Beautiful Bookstores

Flavorwire recently posted its list of the most beautiful bookstores around the world. I'm of the mind that if it is a room filled with books, then it is already beautiful, but I get where they're going with this.
One of my favorites is on the list – Shakespeare & Company in Paris (left) – which I was lucky enough to visit last summer. It's the quintessential old bookstore, with uneven wooden floors, low ceilings, overstuffed chairs (and shelves), and so many nooks and crannies that it makes you feel as if you're just about to stumble onto a hidden treasure. And you are. The only thing the kept me from buying everything I wanted in this bookstore was the phrase "overweight luggage fees."
After looking at the stunning photos of bookstores in Flavorwire's list (click here), I'm now ready to embark on a round-the-world trip to see them all. I particularly love the converted Dominican church in Holland and the four-story wall of books in Portugal.
I do plan to visit Bookabar in Rome this May, and I already have The Last Bookstore in Los Angeles all mapped out for my trip at the end of this month.
Are there any others that you feel should have made the list?  I would have included Hatchards in London (see below), which has been selling books since 1797. I'd move in there if they would let me.