Fun with Books

Ever wonder what the books do at night when a bookstore is closed? No? Well don't worry. The Toronto bookstore Type has done all your wondering for you. Click here to watch the fun that happens when the lights go out. I can't imagine how long that video took to set up, but it is hilarious. And I love the message at the end.
Speaking of fun, in just a few days I will log my 100th post on this blog. Wow, that went by quickly. To celebrate, I'm going to give one lucky reader a big pile of books that I have featured on the blog, including One Big Table, Handheld Pies, The Hypnotist, Catherine the Great (see review tomorrow), and more.
To be entered in the giveaway, simply send an email to readeatthink(at) telling me which of my posts was your favorite and why. The feedback will also help me as I post through the rest of this year. Send the email before 5pm on Monday, Jan.23. And pass a link to the blog on to your friends and family so they can enter, too.
I'll have a neutral party draw the winner's name the evening of Jan. 23, and will announce the winner in my 100th blog post on Jan. 24. Good luck, and thanks for being a part of my blog!

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