Even More Pie!

Two weeks ago, I posted about my favorite dessert pie. An astute reader keyed in on my statement that I am currently in love with the little pocket pie molds that you can get at specialty stores. That reader (who now gets a major gold star) sent me another awesome pie book: Handheld Pies. This just takes my pie obsession to a whole new level.
Like the Perfect Pies book I reviewed before, there are plenty of sweet and savory recipes included here, but they are in the cutest little pie-packages ever. See how obsessed I am?
The bulk of the Handheld Pies recipes are split into two categories: Structured Pies (usually made with some sort of mold and with a larger proportion of filling compared to crust) and Free-Form Pies (which should be fairly self-explanatory).
Structured Pie recipes that stood out for me were Buttermilk-Whiskey Pie and Farmer Cheese Pie. Cheese and crust  a match made in foodie heaven.
In Free-Form Pies, there is even a recipe for creating your own pop tarts. My husband will love that.
Also included in Handheld Pies is an idea that never occurred to me making pies in jars. I don't think I've ever heard of that, but I'm definitely going to try it, particularly the Vanilla Malt Pie in a Jar.
I also think I've found my new motto in the book's introduction: "The sooner you [start baking], the sooner you'll have pie in hand, pie in mouth. And in our experience, there's no better way to be."
I'm getting that on a T-shirt.
Handheld Pies was just published last month by Chronicle Books.

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