The Breakfast Controversy

Based on a few recent conversations, there appears to be a great divide in America. No, not Republican vs Democrat, or 1% vs 99%. It's bigger than that. And it's all about breakfast.
There are those who believe breakfast has a short-serve window of dawn to noon, and then there are those who believe it's the best meal for any time of day (or night). I am in the latter camp. I can eat breakfast no matter what time it is. I know I didn't coin the term, but we've called it "breakfast-dinner" in our family for years.
Pancakes at 7pm? Yes, please. Scrambled eggs for lunch? Sold. Why the crazy insistence on serving those delicious things before noon? After all, what is a quiche but an excuse to make a breakfast item more fashionable for those too chicken to admit they like morning food in the evening? I believe crepes were invented for the same reason. They're just pancakes when you get right down to it.
There are a lot of breakfast cookbooks out there, but many of them are too concerned with where the sun is in the sky. That's why I like The Big Book of Breakfast. Note the coverline: Serious Comfort Food for Any Time of the Day. Exactly.
All of my favorite food groups are represented:
  • Fruit (Cooked Fruit Compote, Baked Filled Apples)
  • Eggs (Swiss Baked Eggs, Frittata Saltimbocca)
  • Pancakes (Sour Cream Pancakes, Spiced Orange Pancakes)
  • Biscuits (Lemon-Scented Biscuits, Sausage and Gravy on Biscuits)
  • Bacon (Breaded Breakfast Bacon, Bacon and Cheese Strata)
Everything is better with bacon. In fact, that could be my whole obsession with breakfast. It just gives me more opportunities for bacon-ingesting.
So which side are you on? Are you a rational being who understands that food is food, no matter what time it is? Or are you a freak who won't eat eggs once the little hand on the clock passes 12? Not that I'm biased...

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