The Devilish Details

I find it very humorous that anyone would want to know what an author's personal likes or dislikes might be. But then, on the other hand, I'd rather read about Susan Sontag's distaste for Coca-Cola then to hear one more word about Kim Kardashian.
If we're going to have an unhealthy celebrity-obsessed culture, let's at least fixate on someone who has something to say. Am I right?
Buzzfeed fills the void that we didn't know we had, giving us the details of 12 authors and the things they hate. If you want to see what Stephen King detests, click here. It will also help make sense of the cartoon to the left.
Editorial comment: And you go, Toni Morrison!

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  1. Susan Sontag sounds like a very un-fun person. And I pretty much agree with Jonathan Franzen's hate list. I followed the link - consumer technology products like smartphones and iPads are definitely “great allies and enablers of narcissism.”