Stamp of Approval

What you see on this page is the newest postage stamp for Ireland, featuring a 224-word short story. Developed as part of a program to celebrate Dublin's selection as a UNESCO City of Literature, the short story was written in 2010 by Eoin Moore.
Moore said his story was designed to capture what Dublin is all about, and it truly does.
You know I love anything that celebrates the arts, and literature in particular. If you've received any snail mail from me in the last month or two, you've seen my favorite stamp featuring O.Henry, a native of my hometown.
The only thing about this stamp I think needed some tweaking is the design. Couldn't the words spiral around a center? Or could it be in old Gaelic, which at least looks more interesting? But I'm quibbling here, it's a huge milestone just to have writing recognized this way at all.
To see more about the Ireland stamp, and to learn about the young author, click here.

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