You're My Type

I know I'm geeky about a lot of things, but one of my favorite nerd obsessions happens to be typefaces. There is a true, often subliminal, art to a perfect typeface. For general reading purposes, you want a font that will be clean and clear, almost beyond notice. Like my faves: Sabon, Garamond, Calibri, Century, and maybe even GillSans if you're feeling funky.
For attention-seeking items like signs and book covers, I love left-field thinking, like Franklin Gothic, Broadway, Magneto, and Kaiti. Don't you even mention Comic Sans or Papyrus to me, though. Those are fonts that haven't grown up yet.
I'm not alone in my font fetish: Perpetual clean-copy winner Helvetica even has a movie dedicated to it.
So you can imagine my joy when I hit the back of a book and find the little gem below. My favorite part is when it says "the well-known German typographer." Umm....
well known to whom?
(slowly raises her hand sheepishly)
However, I do admit that I had never heard of the "famous Lyons punch cutter" that gave his name to one of my favorite typefaces. You learn something new every day.

From the book Going Clear, by Lawrence Wright. Click here for review.

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  1. My favorite is definitely Garamond - used in both the Harry Potter series AND Dr. Seuss' books!