Bracking Up the Possiblities

If Fracking can be a word, so can bracking.
I'm using it as a verb to describe how one sets up a bracket, March-Madness style. Because The Morning News has outdone itself with the design of this year's Tournament of Books bracket.
Designed by Liz Meyer, the new look twists the old school bracket into an attractive maze, pitting the 16 finalists  against each other. Feast your eyes on the lovely bracket to the right. You can download a high-res version on the TMN website.
The showdown begins on Monday, with the pre-game event where judge Nathan Bradley selects his favorite from these three books: The Yellow Birds, Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk, and Fobbit. I've been waiting a while for this contest to determine the 16th book (mainly because I'll need to read it).
Tune in tomorrow as I begin bracking, a.k.a. the point where I tell you which books I would select in each of the first round's contests. I've already given a few hints on Twitter, so follow me at @ReadEatThink if you want some off-the-cuff commentary.

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