I finished my 50th book this week...I think.
At the beginning of the year, I joined the 50 Book Pledge online, an event started by Savvy Reader. It's about making reading a priority, and you know that's a movement I can totally get behind.
One tiny little issue, though: I read really really fast, and I am forgetful. Not a great combo.
To help me along when I started on this little venture, I decided to keep track of the books I read on Pinterest, a cool virtual pinboard site. You can see my 50 Book Pledge board here
That would have been a terrific tool...if I could remember to pin the book covers to the board.
Oh well, best-laid plans and all.
I do know I have read at least 50 books. I probably read a few more than that. And I'll keep reading, too, of course. So we'll see how I end the year.
What was the 50th book (give or take)? David Fulmer's Lost River, a spicy gumbo of 1913 New Orleans, shady characters, and dark deeds.


  1. You cool people have your Pinterest, we nerds have our Excel spreadsheets. Thus far I have only read 21 books this year. However, I did start out with the Game of Thrones series. So for me, 21 books adds up to 10,697 pages!