Making a List, Checking It Twice

Yes, I've been gone. I made it through yet another market (my day job for those not in the know). That would be roughly 12 days consisting of 18 hours of craziness work.
In my over-organized way, I did plan a vacation at the end of this week. And now comes another tough job – I have to decide what books go with me.
This is no small task. My biggest fear is running out of something to read in a country where it is a bit more difficult to buy English-language books.
Now that I have a Nook, that isn't what I worry about. It is now much more about what books to load onto the tablet.
At this point, I have five in fiction, three in biography, four in non-fiction, four mysteries, and I even have eight "classics." Hey, those were free so don't judge.
But do I have enough? Maybe I'm too light on the mysteries – arguably my favorite genre. I do think I need one or two more.
You can laugh, but I've been known to read two to three books on long-haul flights. That's six books for a round trip. And sometimes you have to be in the right mood for a certain book, so having plenty of choice is a must.
I won't read anything about my destination, I've already been there and done that, so to speak. Half the fun of any trip is the planning. I do have to admit to odd research for this trip, including a lot of fiction. But I'll regale you with that while I'm gone.
Meanwhile, I think I need to hit again...

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