How to Write a Hit

It's the frustration of many writers: Good books go overlooked while mediocre ones become huge hits. What's the secret?
According to the new book Hit Lit by James Hall, you just have to go for the emotional hot buttons of race, sex, or politics. And if you can include all three, even better.
He offers 12 main characteristics of runaway bestsellers like having a main character who is an outsider, but who is relatable. Or you could include a secret organization that's plotting against the world.
But what about good writing? Well, that's not always necessary. A good example would be The Da Vinci Code, which had a compelling story, but some of the most cliche-ridden writing I've ever read.
So if you want to be the next Dan Brown (and who doesn't), start working on this formula today. If you'd rather be a good writer, don't quit your day job.

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  1. Too true, unfortunately! Makes one skeptical about bestsellers, which is also unfortunate...