The Zombies Approach

If you have been following The Morning News Tournament of Books (what? like there's another tournament?), you will realize that we are down to the semifinal rounds.
Today, judge Michelle Orange took 1Q84 out of contention, which is good because I am scared of that book. Its sheer size could flatten you. Instead, she chose Lightning Rods to move up the bracket. Tomorrow, another book that scares me will be in contention when The Sisters Brothers faces off against Open City. The Sisters Brothers is supposed to be a tour de force, but it's just a violent incomprehensible dialog to me.
Never fear, though, the zombies are coming! Well, at least the "zombie round" is coming. This is the type of fan-input that I believe would greatly benefit the NCAA.
You see, The Morning News asks readers to vote for their favorite books from the past year while the judges are doing their thing. The books that have been knocked out have a chance to come back from the dead, with the top two fan favorites re-entering the play. We'll know the first zombie on Wednesday. Please please please do not let it be 1Q84. I'm scared enough already.

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