Do Mad Men Read?

Finally caught up on the season launch of Mad Men last night. Yes, I know that I'm behind, but someone has to keep reading to feed this blog beast.
Anyway, there has been a lot of (deserved) hoopla surrounding the show's new season, and I thought the episode lived up to the hype.
Mad Men offers one of those few defining moments in pop culture, literally changing the way we dress (Banana Republic), wear makeup (Lauder), and design our homes (think of all the companies out there touting mid-century modern furniture).
The show's characters get into our heads and burrow in there more than we probably realize. In a turn-about-is-fair-play move, Book Riot is getting into the characters' heads, imagining the books that each person should have on her/his nightstand.
I'm not sure how any of them would have time between all the drinks, sex, fights, and cigarettes to actually read anything, but it's a fun parlor game.
Book Riot would suggest The Great Gatsby to Don Draper, for example. While I applaud that selection, can you imagine the raised eyebrow you'd get from Don?
And while I think Betty could definitely benefit from The Feminine Mystique, I'm not sure she has the intelligence or energy to pick it up. I probably would have recommended Grow Up and Get a Job.
What do you think the Mad Men crew should read?

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