Passing on a Love of Books

While on a business trip in LA last week, I took two quick tours just for me. The first was to the Los Angeles Public Library, an amazing edifice with a lovely garden in front. Unfortunately, there's a sad population who literally call the front steps home, which made my visit more melancholy than I expected.
The second trip was down to Spring Street to visit The Last Bookstore, a funky book-filled space in a former retail building.
The front desk was constructed of books (above left), the music was indie-fabulous, and the shelves featured handwritten signs for interesting sections such as "Sherlockian." The Last Bookstore offers used books for sale as well as new titles, and has an area specifically designed for albums. My friend Todd would have found some gems in there.
I want everyone to feel the way I do when I'm in a library or bookstore, as if they are about to find their next great adventure.
That's why I'm joining World Read Aloud Day on Wednesday, March 7. Organized by LitWorld, last year's event reached 60 countries and all 50 states, with over 200,000 participants reading aloud to kids.
I started reading to my daughter when she was (as my husband would say) in the larval stage, and we continued reading to her throughout her childhood. That includes the infamous time that I read Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire out loud for about 12 hours straight on a car trip to Florida. Can you say laryngitis?
But I do know that every book, from Hooper Humperdink to Harry Potter, gave my daughter the same love of books that I have.
So pass on your love of books by joining World Read Aloud Day. Click here to learn how.


  1. I'm so glad you made it to The Last Bookstore. That is my happy place.

    The Central Library IS somewhat overrun by the Downtown homeless population. Free bathrooms and air conditioning are probably the draw there. That park by the library is used ALL the time as a stand-in for Central Park...for pretty much every show that films in LA but is set in New York. You'll notice it now the next time you see it on TV. : )

  2. LOVED The Last Bookstore. I could move in there without a problem. And you're right, the garden at the library is amazing.