How to Travel

Back in the day, I had to be a little creative about my travel. I would buy a book in the airport, leave it on the plane, and buy another when I landed. Or I would give myself a hernia by packing 10 books in my carry-on bag. Or I would run to the nearest book store when we arrived in our destination city. And yes, I have paid the fees for overweight bags because I had too many hardbacks in the suitcase.
This was all an attempt to keep me entertained. Because when I travel, I have to read. It keeps me from noticing the kid behind me who is kicking my kidneys. It alleviates the uncomfortable feeling I get when the man next to me (and it's always a man) takes the armrest and refuses to share. Reading keeps me calm during take off and landing. And it gives me something to do when the flight is delayed and we're sitting on the tarmac for four hours for no reason and they won't let us off the bloomin' plane. Not that I'm bitter.
The Nook has made my life easier now that I can carry hundreds of books in one tiny package. It fed my addiction on my recent trip West, and I am almost embarrassed to admit that I read four books while I was gone. You can see what I read by clicking here.
I'm not normally a "talker" on planes, and I've been known to hide behind my book. But then, occasionally, I'll see someone carrying a book that makes me happy.
Last night, on the way back from Los Angeles, I met Laura. She was on her way to New Orleans and she was carrying Jo Nesbo's The Leopard. Coincidentally, I had just finished that very book while in Los Angeles - and it was amazing. I had to tell her that while we were waiting to board and then, what do you know, but she is in 11E and I'm in 11D.
This was good for two reasons. First, we talked books. I told her that if she likes Nesbo, she has to read Hypothermia and The Keeper of Lost Causes.
Second, we didn't have to talk anymore. Laura wanted to read. I wanted to read. It was the perfect seatmate scenario. And she didn't hog the armrest. I even ended up giving her the Denise Mina book that I finished on the flight.
So to Laura, wherever you are, thanks for being such a good travel partner. Enjoy your book!

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