Smells Like a Bestseller

I am one of "those" people who will take a new book, crack it open, stick my nose in the spine and inhale deeply. Ahhh. That is an amazing smell. It's the scent of memories about to be made. Well, that and glue.
I love the way bookstores smell, and it's even better in a library where I've been known to go a little crazy over the scent of old books. Thanks to NPR, I now know what it is that sends me into la-la land. A polymer in paper breaks down over time and gives off a vanilla-like scent – the full info is below.
Even better, thanks to my daughter I can now smell like an old book. No really, that's a good thing. She just gave me Demeter's Paperback perfume, which has a great crisp scent overlaid with a slight mustiness.
Okay, you may think I'm crazy, but get a sample for yourself. If you love books, this will send you into heaven.
Thanks to NPR for the explanation.

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