Let's Go Over That Again

Okay, by now you know I'm a stickler for typos. No, I'm not talking about using dessert for desert when you're quickly sending me an email (although I will secretly giggle). I'm talking about typos on signs, in magazines and books, and misspellings in advertisements, all created by companies that should have the people and products in place to avoid the problem.
At the very least, someone could have used spellcheck to catch the typo in the ad I've included here. "Fintess" is not a word, as everyone at American Express and its agency should have known. Yes, that is an ad for an Amex program. Sigh.
Maybe they're fostering a little too much "workplace productivity" with fewer people doing more work. Who knows? I do know there is no excuse for that misspelling. Seriously, people...there are only eight words on that ad.
How many times have you been engrossed in a book, only to be stopped in your tracks by a typo? It happens more and more now, particularly in ebooks. I recently picked up a book in the library and found little cut-out post-its all through the pages, correcting the (many) mistakes. It made me laugh out loud to imagine someone infuriated enough to take the time to do that. I've also seen corrections written right into library books.
I'm not quite that bad. I'm not going to be a school marm, tapping on your computer screen with a ruler (unless you're into that).
But for the love of all that's wholly holey holy, please at least use spellcheck. For my sanity, if for no other reason.
And feel free to send me post-its every time you find a typo on this blog. I will treasure them.


  1. What's even more embarrassing? Check out this website: http://www.auroradx.com. In some of the links, there are some serious problems. Taken from the "Basal Cell Carcinoma" page: "Watch for changes in size, colorm texturem and appearance, as well as skin oain, bleeding, itching, or inflammation." Or, from the "Squamous Cell Carcinoma" page: "this type of cancer has a high cure rate but can cause disfuguring, complications or even death if it s neglected and allowed to spread." Note that the first word in that sentence is not even capitalized... sigh.

  2. Hey Cheminne - I read this post nodding my head like a bobble-head doll and thinking "I'm not the only one!!" I am exactly the same and can find a misspelling in almost everything I put my eyes on! Thank you so much for caring about correct spelling and grammar - our "Hooked on Phonics" society is getting out of hand!

    Beth Sigler
    Little Rock, AR