Maybe Meatless

I've flirted with being a vegetarian. I can almost make it, but then someone fries bacon near me and I'm off the wagon (and no, veggie bacon doesn't cut it).
Elaine Louie writes a column for The New York Times that is targeted at people like me, titled "The Temporary Vegetarian." And now she has written a cookbook that follows the same idea.
The Occasional Vegetarian has 100 meatless recipes, all cleverly arranged in alphabetical order by the main vegetable (asparagus, beet, carrot, etc.).
Each dish focuses on clean, fresh flavors that enhance (rather than cover up) the taste of the vegetable.
Among my favorites - Bok Choy and Braised Chinese Mushrooms, Soybeans with Garlic and Dill, and Leek Potato Zucchini Hotcakes. I love love love bok choy.
I do have one problem with this book, though, and that's the lack of photos. I'm sorry, but I do like a bit of food porn to entice me into the kitchen.
And I confess that I made one brussel sprout recipe with bacon. But then, what isn't better with bacon?
(2011 - Hyperion)

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