The Mysterious Circus

The Night Circus 
by Erin Morgenstern
Writing is a sleight of hand, a trick meant to captivate the reader. For some writers, the trick is just that, perhaps clever but not quite convincing.
In Erin Morgenstern's expert hands, however, the writing is true magic, transporting readers to a world where reality and fantasy live side by side.
Two young people are trained as magicians, knowing that they will have to duel against a formidable opponent. Celia's magic is tactile, using her mind to change and construct the physical realm. Marco's gift is the ability to manipulate others' perceptions and memories.
Together they are part of Le Cirque des Reves a gorgeous traveling show that arrives in cities and towns without warning. With a gorgeous backdrop of black and white, each tent offers wonders and magic that astound the guests. It is also the game board for the magicians' duel, every element constructed by Celia and Marco as individual steps toward an ultimate goal. The two young conjurers fall in love, even as they discover that they are in competition against each other in a game they cannot completely control.
Lyrical and lovely, The Night Circus had me spellbound from the first page, caught up in the stunning sights and sounds of the circus and its performers. (2011 - Knopf Doubleday)

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