American Writers Museum

What do China, Germany, Korea, Scotland, Brazil, and Ireland have that the U.S. does not have? A national writers museum. Although the U.S. has over 17,000 museums, there isn't a single one dedicated to the plethora of fabulous authors this country has produced. Yes, there are small museums that showcase a single writer, usually in his or her former home, but there isn't a national institution that celebrates all writers.
A new foundation is working to right that wrong, hoping to launch the American Writers Museum in Chicago in 2015. In the plans are core exhibits that will highlight the history of American literature in chronological order.
Other planned exhibits include Nobel Laureates, Great Characters in American Literature, Poetry of Revolution, Rare Books, Children's Literature, and Censorship: Banned Books. There will also be a Hall of Honor for major award winners, as well as art and photography exhibits to celebrate cover art.
I'm making a donation to be a Chapter One Patron. If you love books, consider supporting this amazing museum by clicking here.

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  1. It is really hard to believe that there is no American Writers Museum. It is certainly something I'd visit if i were in Chicago. And now having said that I think I should go visit the Writer's Museum in Edinburgh. i've lived here almost two year and haven't gone yet. Tsk.