Is Seattle Actually Book Heaven?

I do think that Seattle might be that nirvana for bibliophiles that I've been searching for. First I heard a great story on NPR about Seattle's new Books on Bikes program, with librarians on bicycles and armed with iPads hitting community events across the city.
One patron likened the program to an "upgrade of the bookmobile." And a librarian said he liked it because it made the library "more mobile and agile and really responsive to the community and the needs."
When I headed over to the Seattle Public Library site, I discovered more fun. They have several designs for their library card and you can select the one you like best. Concept! I would pick the one above - if I lived in Seattle, of course.
If you need more proof of this booktopian society, look no further than the gazillion (well it seems that way) independent bookstores supported by the city and you see why I'm ready to move.
All hail Seattle!

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  1. So cool! I was just excited that the Forsyth County libraries give you a big card and two keyring cards, but designing your own is even better. I'd pick the green one with the mountain