What Are You Reading?

That is the very question I am asked most. And the answer is usually complicated.
I read a lot of books at one time. I'll perhaps read a light book before bed, a heavy tome during lunch, a mystery while waiting in line...it just depends on the circumstance.
And I read a lot. As in: All. The. Time.
I have books in my car (duh - not for driving, but for emergencies), books in my purse, books by all chairs in my house. You get the picture. It's just who I am. 
No, it is not the only thing I do. I'm also into yoga, baking, walking, photography, seeing my friends, video games (don't laugh!), and much more. I just happen to read fast. Really really fast.
So I've set up some handy-dandy guides for anyone who asks. They are boards on Pinterest that will not only tell you what I've read, but what I'm looking forward to reading as well. 
I tend to give mini-reviews on this particular board, so you can follow along there if I'm not reviewing fast enough for you on this blog. Note that I named that board for the popular #50BookPledge that many people take each year. I think I'm going to make my personal goal of 100 this year. Yikes.
Oh, and if you think I'm fast, you should meet my mother. She outpaces me by two books to my one. Seriously.
Now, back to my book(s).

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