Eat Like a Roman

When one is going to Rome, what's the first thing most people say? Usually, it's some form of "ahhh, the food!"
And that's no mistake. The food here is incredible: fresh seafood, delicate pasta, light broths, intense sauces, and that amazing gelato.
Usually on Wednesdays I share some sort of food news with you. Today I'll just tantalize you with our meals. Last night, I had an odd coincidence happen. I found a dish on the menu that I had just read about in one of my books on ancient Rome. It was Strachetta, which consists of very thin slices of beef sauteed in olive oil and garlic, and served on a bed of bitter greens. Delizioso!
Here are some of the other meals we've had:
Antipasti + Prosecco
My three-tomato soup and Matt's octopus salad - both with glasses of Frascati.

Grilled tuna with fresh vegetables

Handmade pasta filled with pumpkin, served in a light broth with vegetables.

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