Cut the Crap

Dear Famous Writer,
Remember when no one knew who you were? Those were the days. You worried over your new book like a clucky mother hen, polishing every word until it was shiny and solid.
Back then, there was a person sitting right beside you with a metaphoric set of scissors, ready to help you snip things into shape. Sure it could be frustrating, but the editor kept things moving for you and helped shape you into the Famous Writer you are today.
So now here you are, pots of money, lots of great books. But where is your good friend the editor?
Let me spell it out for you – every word you write is not a pearl dropping to the ground. Just because you feel it is imperative for your story to take that left turn at Albuquerque does not mean it should. And just because your legions of fans have been clamoring for your new book doesn't mean they want it to be 698 pages.
Bring back the editor! Give her a sharp pair of scissors and let her cut your ego, make that your book, down to size.
We want the fast-paced narrative, the small pool of creative characters, and the sharp tone that you had in your last book. Oh, and that editor will also help you find spell-check on your computer.
Your (don't make me say former) fan

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