My Interest in Pinterest

Have you heard of Pinterest? If you have, you're probably not reading this. Instead you're busy pinning away.
If you haven't heard of it, I'm sorry. I am apologizing because I am about to get you hooked, and all your non-reading time will be spend on the seriously addictive site.
Pinterest is a virtual pinboard site. If you've ever had a moodboard where you pinned up photos of things you love or things that inspire you, then you have a very good idea of how Pinterest works.
You can make as many pinboards as you want, for any topic you can dream up – places you want to visit, houses you wish you had, funny photos of dogs, etc. You can also "follow" others as they pin to their boards, you can like the photos, and you can repin your favorites to your own pages.
I now have three boards on Pinterest, but I have hundreds more all planned out. The link here will take you to my #50 Book Pledge page, where I show all the books I've read so far this year. I've taken the pledge to read at least 50 in 2012 (there was no challenge for 200, but there should be). Since many of you ask me how many books I really do consume, this will let you see, in real time. I'm on number 12 for those who really want to know.
Meanwhile, if you want to get into Pinterest yourself, let me know. You have to be invited, and I'm just the woman to get you hooked.

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  1. You have 12 books this year and I have... one. So sad. I mean, it was 831 pages though. And I'm on page 710 out of 969 in the book I'm reading now. That has to count for something!