The Waiting Is the Hardest Part

Have you ever had that feeling that your favorite author is a slacker? There are times when I want to email some of my favorite writers and ask them why their newest books are taking so long. What could they possibly be doing? Don't they understand that I'm here waiting for the books? How hard could it be?
I just received the latest book by one of my all-time favorite authors, Elizabeth George, and now I know why it's been so long since her last publication. Believing the Lie is a whopping 600 pages, enough to keep me happy for two days or so. Kidding (or am I?).
Only have to wait till next week for this one!
Besides the second book in Ken Follett's Century Trilogy (hurry up already!), here are three titles that I am eagerly awaiting: 

This sequel to Wolf Hall will be out in May (love the title).

May is going to be a good month for books. Sigh.

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