Reading Resolutions

When I sat down to think of what I wanted to accomplish (read) this year, I had a little panic attack. Why? Well with all the doomsday scenarios predicted for 2012, I have a lot of books to read before the world comes to an end. Makes me a little panicky just thinking about it.
Obviously priorities need to be set. Lists need to be made. So here are my resolutions for the last hurrah:
1. Read a book about the Mayan calendar and its predictions just so I know what's in store. Wait...after perusing the scary titles online, I may amend that one to just reading a book about Mayans. Much safer.
2. Shop in at least 5 independent bookstores in 2012. I have a trip to LA coming up, so I'm looking at you Stories Books!
3. Read local. Lots of great N.C. authors out there, and I'm going to discover a few more to add to my list.
4. Read all of Dickens. It's the 200th anniversary of Charles Dickens's birth in February. I love his books and it's been too long since I've read through the list. I can already check off A Christmas Carol.
5. Attend more book festivals. I'd love to be in Edinburgh for the massive book fair they host in August, but that may be stretching it. I'll at least attend Book Expo in NY and a few more regionally.
6. Visit the hometowns of my favorite US authors particularly William Faulkner and Willa Cather. I bet my friend Julie would be my tour guide for Cather's Nebraska.
7. Wear out my library card. We have a fabulous library here and not enough people are using it. I'm going to change that.
8. Read out of my comfort zone. Okay, okay. I'll try one sci-fi book. Send me recommendations and we'll see how it goes.
9. Host a literary event. I'd love to have a "salon" in the true sense of the word. Stay tuned on this one.
10. To speed me on my reading resolutions, I'll also have at least one day a month that is electronic-free. That means no TV, no video games, no Nook. Just me and my printed pages. And maybe a little music.
Send me your reading resolutions for 2012. We've got a lot of written words to cover in the 12 months before the world ends!


  1. Cheminne, Your blog is wonderful. My good friend and yours, Carol Gregg, thought that I'd love your writing and interests. I have become a big fan. So....Reading Resolutions?
    1. Narrow the field and get serious about reading complete works by authors of historical fiction...Sharon Penman, Anya Seton, Bernard Cornwall
    even a return to Georgette Heyer.
    2. Celebrate Dickens on audio...Happy Birthday! Start with Bleak House
    3. Read for the first hour in the morning and just before sleep
    4. Read biographies of painters and composers
    5. Read a book from Persephone and go to London to buy it in April
    6. Enjoy my local library which is walking distance from home
    7. Make a book mark with a favorite quote from each book I read and give it to a friend as a recommendation.
    8. Turn off the computer...
    9. Stop viewing reading as a first, then do the rest of it!
    10. Read The Tempest and view several productions

    So there it is...keep me posted about the Salon and thanks
    Happy New Year

  2. Oh these are good ones! I love Bernard Cornwell. I was just thinking that I need to read his Saxon series. And I believe #9 on your list is a must for everyone. Thanks!