Just Plug Me In

I am often asked if I use an e-reader, with the questioner saying something like "Which do you prefer, a printed book or an e-book?"
To me, it is not an either-or question. I like to keep printed versions of favorite books that I know I'll read again, and it is somehow comforting to have my books on a shelf where I can visit with them like old friends.
But there is nothing to beat my Nook when it comes to reading while I travel. (I have actually paid fees for a heavier-than-allowed suitcases full of books.) I also like reading on the Nook at the gym, in line for whatever reason, and for books that I know I want to read, but not necessarily keep on a shelf.
I don't like to read magazines on the Nook, but I do read Vanity Fair on an iPad. And I listen to books on my iPod all the time in the car.
I like to consume information at a rapid rate, so any device that keeps me plugged in is a good thing.
Just as television didn't kill the film industry, I don't think the rise of e-books necessarily means the demise of  traditional publishing.
The publishing world is evolving and changing to suit the way people want to interact with the world. My only concern is that writers should always be compensated for their ideas and talent. And, at this point, research shows that authors are still being paid a steady rate, whether their book is published digitally or is printed.
Let's just keep people reading, and thinking, no matter what new word-vehicle comes along.

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