Tuesday's Magazine

I'm still in love with print. No, I'm not a dinosaur - I have a Nook and I read Vanity Fair on an iPad. But I do still enjoy the feel of a nice glossy magazine and the smell of newsprint.
I especially like design publications of all types - interior design, art, graphic design. I recently saw a post on one of my favorite blogs about a new design magazine that is the most "green" magazine I've ever heard of.
It's called Wrap, a large-format illustration and design publication that combines a magazine to read with a product you can use - wrapping paper.
The magazine features interviews with artists from around the world, as well as examples of their work. Each issue is produced without staples or stitching so the pages can be used as wrapping paper once you've finished reading it. Currently, you can find Wrap in stores and museums throughout Europe. If your budget isn't up for an overseas trip, the magazine is sold in a store in L.A., or you can buy copies of current and former issues online.

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  1. What a great idea! I am still in love with print as well. There's nothing like the feel and smell of a good book. I find that it's somehow easier to be engaged by a hard copy of a book and to absorb what you're reading.