Thursday Thought: Books and Food

So why a blog about food and books? Well besides the fact that they are two of my favorite things, I do think that they have a similar effect on us.
A good book, like a good meal, elicits emotion and memory. Well-written characters remind us of people we love - or hate. Amazing meals can send us into euphoria, just as a bad meal can literally make us angry and resentful.
In an interesting take on the relationship between food and books, a New York Times illustrated column showcased the "brain fuel" that great authors use to keep them in the writing groove. Titled "Snacks of the Great Scribblers," the column pointed out that F. Scott Fitzgerald liked canned meat and apples (ugh), while Franz Kafka preferred a very cozy glass of milk. It's worth a clickthrough for the illustrations alone.
Characters in books are often associated with favorite meals and special dishes, like Sue Grafton's sleuth Kinsey Milhone who loves peanut butter and pickle sandwiches or Quarter Pounders. And the recent hit The Help features a pivotal (and very funny) twist with a pie - I won't give away what makes it "funny."
Good meals can be plot points, or inspiration. Good books can be inspiring, and engrossing.
See? Books and food - they go together like...well, you know.

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